What is emotified?

Emotified is an experiment in internet ranking. Our goal is simple: to show you a crowdsourced, current emotional snapshot of the topic you're interested in.

We start by allowing users to anonymously "vote" what kind of emotions a certain link makes them feel.

Our system calculates where does that piece of content fit and sorts it in one of the four boxes:

- Great (green)
- Entertaining (yellow)
- Sad (blue)
- Controversial (red)

You can then tag any link and categorize it the way you wish. This means that users, not the original poster, decide where does a certain piece of creative writing, a funny video or a professionaly written article categorically fit in.

If something inspired you simply tag it accordingly and it will be forever marked with that tag. Our automated system takes care of filtering profanity and thus assures that abuse is minimal.


Discover lists of movies that awake certain emotions in most people, browse only those political topics that concentrate on positives - find what's really good about this world happening right now.

Filter funny images that are also controversial or concentrate only on safe for family type of humor. Your options are endless.

Become a part of emotified.

No registration necesarry and fully anonymous posting allows anyone to start sharing their favourite parts of the internet without the need of giving us any information about yourself.

Let our system filter out spam without you having to carry a part of that burden.

Start tagging content, sharing how something makes you feel and finally: enjoy only what you truly want to see.

The internet can be colored any way you desire.

Start here.